Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Wednesday Movie Writing - When are you happy?

This video certainly made us smile! We laughed at all the funny things the minions were doing.
We had a big talk about all the things that  make US happy. After our talking, we wrote about what made us feel happy. You can see our stories in our writing books at school.

I am happy because my mum lets me on the computer with games. Felix
I am happy when Mum lets me do what I want. Reagan
I am happy when I hear rain. Alec
I am happy on my birthday. Tahlia
I like TV and I am happy with my dog. Connor
I feel happy when I am getting lemonade from my Mum. Siena
I feel happy when I drink juice. Ella
I am happy when I play on my sister's iPod. Harry
I am happy when I am in bed and it is raining. Carolyn

1 comment:

  1. Hi Felix
    I think you are also happy when you play Sesame street games on my laptop