Thursday, 18 October 2012

Reading Rocks!

This is Cole, with our brand new "Reading Rocks!" bag. It is full of books from Carolyn's house.

There is also a reading log in the bag. Each day, Monday to Thursday, one super learner in the Little Einsteins gets to take the bag home and read some of the books. Cole took some fun photos of himself all bandaged up - just like the boy in 'I'm Falling to Bits'  - his favourite story from the "Reading Rocks!" bag.

The photos are glued into the reading log. Cole also drew a wonderful picture of his bones. Great job, Cole - I am glad you and your family enjoyed the books so much! I wonder which book the next person will like best?

Pukeko Calendar Art

Pukeko Calendar Art on PhotoPeach

Print Making at Te Manawa

On Tuesday, we went on a trip to Te Manawa to do some print-making. We tried many different ways of printing - using stamps, cardboard scraps and even leaves to make patterns. We also drew designs onto tin foil and foam board and used them to make prints from. Thanks to Andrea and her team at Te Manawa - we had HEAPS of fun! And thanks to our class parents, Nick and Tracey for all your help. Here's a slide show so you can share our wonderful learning experience...

Print Making at Te Manawa on PhotoPeach