Thursday, 28 August 2014

Book Character Dress-Up Day

 This dress-up business is tricky! I wanted to dress up as a book we had all read. Suddenly I remembered "The skier" - and I had some ski gear!
 Harry HAD to be Harry and his Bucket of Dinosaurs; Connor was a cool tiger!
 Ella dressed up as the witch from "Room on the Broom" and Tahlia was a princess like the one on the book she bought at the book fair!
 Reagan was a ninja turtle. Were you Donatello, Reagan? Google tells me he wears the purple mask! Alec used my Lightning McQueen shopping bag as a prop in the parade.
The teachers all dressed up, too. Here is Carolyn with Julie (Mrs Wishy Washy) and Robin and Sandi (B1 and B2). It was a super fun day!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Reagan, Connor and Alec: Maths

Alec, Reagan and Connor are learning about patterns to 10. 
 We made a zoo for our ten teddies with a sleeping house and a pool.
 We moved the teddies around the zoo. No matter where the teddies were, there were ALWAYS ten teddies in the zoo.
 We wrote number stories for the different teddy stories.
 Reagan has eight teddies in the sleeping house and two teddies in the pool.
Now there are two teddies in the sleeping house and eight teddies in the pool.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Making 5: Tahlia, Harry and Ella

Harry, Ella and Tahlia have been learning the patterns to 5. How many ways can you make 5? We have been using maths equipment to find the different ways we can make 5.
Today we used the two sided counters.
AND we also wrote a number story to go with each pattern. + means joining things together.
Great learning, you three!

Hearing Sounds and Using Pic Collage

Ella and Tahlia worked together to take five photos. They loaded the photos into Pic Collage and then listened for sounds in the words. Everybody was trying to hear the first sound of each word and one other sound. Ella and Tahlia were a great team.Well done - it's a great poster!

Friday, 22 August 2014

New Tab for Parents

Hi Parents
I have added a new tab to our blog which I will update as necessary with notices of class and school events. This does not replace our Russell Street School TNB - Thursday Notice Board (click here for that). It will mostly be communication that relates directly to The Little Einsteins - swimming days, trip information, library reminders etc. Hope it is helpful! Have a lovely weekend.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Teddy Bear Art

We have been reading a big book called "The Bears' Picnic" written by Joy Cowley.
Today we drew teddy bears and alligators.
Harry: I did drawing and I was bored and I was so tired because I  had to work sooooo hard to cover up the white. I was good at covering up my green line with a tail - tricky. I made a mistake and I turned it into a tail!
Connor: I took a long time to make my teddy bear.
Alec: I did a REALLY big teddy bear and it took me a long time to make. I really liked the way I made the crocodile and my rock.
Tahlia: My teddy bear was going on a picnic. The first part he was going to the beach then he went to the woods.
Ella: I felt happy when I looked at my teddy bear because my teddy bear was all coloured in - only a few mosquito holes!
Carolyn: The Little Einsteins were so careful today! I modelled how to draw a teddy and an alligator and they watched carefully, coloured carefully and persevered until their white spaces were all filled in! Wonderful work, Little Einsteins!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Writing "a"

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Alec is finding fast words in library books!

Alec was reading fast words in one of our library books this afternoon! So exciting to see him connecting his fast words from his readers with words in a book in our class library. Good work, Alec! We asked him to read it again so we could make this video!

Wacky Wednesday

 On Wednesday we have "Wacky Wednesday" - our time to choose anything we like to do, while Carolyn works with our reading groups. The HUGE box of Duplo is a favourite.
Ella and Connor played together, building race tracks.
 Harry enjoyed the cars.
 Reagan and Tahlia worked together to build this amazing house.
Alec said they were very kind and let him join in. That made him feel happy.

Tahlia is good at BIG projects!

It took Tahlia quite a few days to finish this puzzle - which has SIXTY pieces (59, actually - one is lost :(   ). I was so impressed at the way she worked at it - a little every day until it was done! What a great learning habit to have.

Monday, 18 August 2014

To help with your fast words...

This video lives on our A-B-C page. It can help you practise your fast words. Fast words are words you know almost as soon as you see them, so if you can say the word before it disappears - you are doing well!

Tens Frames Maths Mission

 Connor and Reagan were sent off on a mission today - to fill and photograph tens frames.
 They know you have to fill one  row before you start another.
 They know that the dots have to be in rows, with no crazy ones all on their own.
 They know that when you take a photo of your work, you have to make sure all your learning can be seen.
 When you are on a maths mission you have to be sneaky and quiet - like a spy!
 I think they did very well on their mission!

Writing our names...again.

We just keep getting better and better! We have been talking about tall letters this week. All our names start with a tall letter. Alec and Tahlia have tall letters in the middle of their names as well. Connor, Harry and Reagan all have a row of short letters - if a little mouse ran along the top of their names, it would not have anything to climb over. (Connor has drawn the little mouse tracks on top of his name, just to check!) You can see from our name writing today that we are all working really hard to make tall and short letters look different in height. Great work, Little Einsteins!

(If you would like to see an earlier post about writing our names click here. You can see how we are improving.)

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Skyping Our Reading Team!

Wow - today we skyped our reading team. Did you know, the more we read, the better we get! So we have a Reading Team waiting on Skype to listen to us practise our reading. We met them for the first time today. It was very exciting, we all read them a story and they told us we were very good readers. They said "well done" when we looked at the picture and did careful pointing. We also learned that we have to use BIG voices and make sure our reading team can see our pictures. That way they can help us if we get stuck.

WALT Write 1-20

Today we used Magnetic ABC to write and count 1-20.
Great counting Tahlia, Alec and Harry!
Alec said we had to pinch the numbers to make them smaller.
All the teen numbers have a 1 (one) in them.
The ones always go first.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

This is my story....

Hi Mums and Dads!
We are learning about how we are the same and how we are different. Can you help us? We talked about who we might ask to tell us about ourselves. We think it would be good to ask our mums or dads or grandparents.

Our first question is:
Where was I born?

We think we were born:
In a hospital
In Australia
In this country
In New Zealand
Where my grandma was born.

Can you write a little note with me about where I was born? You can put it in my book bag or comment on our blog. There is a learning book at school, too. You could write it in there. Thank you!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The NED Show and Number Writing: 1-2-3

We have been learning to write our numbers 1-10. Today we worked hard on 1, 2 and 3. Everyone is getting better and better. We never give up, encourage each other and do our best, just like we heard in the NED show yesterday. (Ned's name: N=Never give up E=Encourage others D=Do your best. ) Here we are with our numbers and some photos of the NED show, too.