Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Visiting Willard Home

Ar Russell Street School, we all have a turn going to visit the residents at Willard Home. We sing, read to the residents and share our learning. Today was our first visit and we were so confident and caring. Some of the ladies we read to might come to visit us once a week and listen to us read in our classroom. Here are some photos of our visit. Each of us has written a sentence to go with our photo:

We read to them really nicely - Connor
I really liked it when I read to one of the ladies.
They smiled and laughed because they liked it - Alec
 I liked reading books - Reagan
 The ladies were nice - Harry
They made sure I was reading all the pages right and
I did one mistake and they helped me with it.
 I said "fire truck", they said "fire engine" - Ella
They liked me reading the books to them.
Two little old ladies tried to read - they did a great job!
The ladies liked the books - Felix


  1. Rebecca - Reagan's mum4 September 2014 at 15:04

    What a cool experience. I bet you made the ladies day!

  2. Good on you Little Einsteins. You look like you made those old folks very happy.