Wednesday, 17 September 2014

We met a T-REX! (And John Key!)

 What an eventful day! We went to look at Scotty the T-Rex. His  hire truck caused a bit of excitement for Mr Key's security agents! They had a chat with Scotty's handlers and the truck moved around to i-site - then out he came!

 Wow - he is big! And LOUD!
 Reagan's sister Elise wasn't too sure about being so close - you are BRAVE Elise!
Harry looks like he is being a great friend to Reagan! How were you feeling, Reagan?
Ella is standing a little way back with her mum. Can you see her?
Siena dressed up as a dinosaur - you looked great, Siena! 
 Felix and Alec had a pat - you were very brave, too.

 Scotty spent quite a bit of time with Connor!

 Siena and Reagan watched very carefully a bit further away - Scotty was LOUD!
 Mr Key is our Prime Minister. He was here to meet people and ask them to vote for him.
Connor and Tahlia had their photo taken with him. Tahlia - you must email your photo to me, and I will add it in. I seem to have accidentally deleted some photos, so Harry, Reagan, Tahlia and Ella, if your Mums have any good ones, send them through! We were all there, though, it was a wonderful experience! Tomorrow you can tell me all your thoughts about it and I will blog them!


  1. What a great day out for all the children and parents of Room 1 - firstly Scotty was so big, scary, loud and exciting - what an up close and personal experience so many of the children, parents and teacher had! Absolutely memory making. Then John Key added bonus I heard someone say - Connor certainly thought it was exciting to shake hands and have a photo with the prime minister.
    Thanks Carolyn for a fab day out.

  2. You are very welcome! Thanks to Siena's mum for drawing my attention to this wonderful opportunity. And thanks to all of you parents for joining us. Everyone was so safe and well supported among the crowds and the roaring T-Rex! The weather was kind, too. It really was a perfect outing.

  3. Connor we are so proud of you, looks like you had an awesome day!
    Love Nana from the Naki