Thursday, 31 July 2014

Look at this cool book!

I just saw this book in our library this afternoon and it made me wonder what YOU would do! In the book, the author has taken photos of something normal looking and then tidied everything in the photo up! Look what they did to the parking lot:

What would a plate of fries and tomato sauce look like if you tidied it up?
Like This:

What a fun book!
So now I am wondering - what is something YOU can tidy up and take a photo of? Email a photo to me ( and I will put it on the blog - I don't have to be at school to do that! It can be our after-school project! I hope to see your photos soon!

Russell Street Games

Well - THAT was a FUN day! We were Tonga, today, in the Russell Street games. We spent all morning going to different sports and activities. There are more photos to come but for now, have a look at us on the way out to the RSS games and at the running races. Carolyn was in charge of that, so she was able to take photos of us while we were there!

As you can see, it was a wonderful day. We just finished our second week of school and we were all taking part with such enthusiasm and energy! Great job, Little Einsteins!

Monday, 28 July 2014

Taking Photos of Our Maths

This afternoon, Carolyn gave us a maths thinking task to do. After we had finished we took a photo on the ipad and emailed it to her. Ella, Harry and Alec put numbers 1-20 in order. They talked together and Harry and Alec went and looked at our hundreds board to help them get everything in the right place:

 As you can see, they did a great job! Wonderful learning, everybody!

Reagan and Connor matched finger patterns to ten with dot patterns to ten. They were great learning partners. They each took a colour - pink or green - and took turns asking each other for a number. Great thinking, Reagan and Connor!
As you can see, everyone put their nametag in the photo so that we know whose learning it is. 
The Little Einsteins are getting very good at remembering to do that.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hiwi the Kiwi

We had an AMAZING show at school today. Hiwi the Kiwi/Mr Minstrel came to sing and tell us all about how to look after fish for the future and also how to fish safely. A minstrel is a person who travels around and tells stories and sings songs. Here we are with Mr Minstrel/Hiwi the Kiwi and Mrs Minstrel, too.
After the show, we came back to class and wrote down everything we had learned:
Here are some photos of the show - ask me what is going on:

The show was over an hour long and Hiwi held our attention for all of it! We were amazing listeners!

Friday, 25 July 2014

What country has this flag?

What's Happening In This Movie?

I wonder what we might be doing this week? There is a clue in this video:

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Can Do - Must Do - Trust You!

We are learning to be independent learners. During reading we have some jobs we MUST do and then things we CAN do when we are done. Carolyn calls it CAN DO - MUST DO - TRUST YOU, because she can trust us to get it done! Today our MUST DO was to make two playdough words, put our name tag next to them and take an ipad photo. We all did our playdough words. Fantastic learning, Little Einsteins!

Learning Targets

Today Carolyn showed us this picture:
We thought they were circles or a disc or a CD or a swirly lollipop.
Carolyn drew some circles on the carpet (it's OK - they will vacuum away!) and we tried to flick counters all the way into the middle:

It was tricky - here are some things we remembered saying:
I can't do it!
Yes you can - keep trying!
Can you help me?`
I can help you - do it like this...
It's embarrassing!
It's annoying!
That took me SEVEN hops!
My finger was getting owies and red when we were flicking!
Give Reagan a clap! He did it!

What great learning language.
Now we have targets to show how we are doing with our number writing. We are learning to write numbers 1-10. Gold hi-lighter means I can do it, pink means I want to work on this one. Here are our numbers today:

Come and see what we drew on the targets next to them!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Playdough "Fast Words"

We have twenty "Fast Words" to learn as soon as we can. 
We do "Word Power" to help get these words into our brains. 
We made worms out of playdough and made the worms into letters. 
We made our four fast words.
Everyone at home: Can you guess what our four focus words were today?
Leave a comment to tell us.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Writing Our Names

What an amazing group of learners we are! We have all been working on writing our names. We have our own mini whiteboard with our name on it, so we have our name to look at as we write. Look at how proud we are!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

We are open for 2014!

Today our very first five-year-olds for 2014 came for their second school visit. 
We read "The Jigaree" together. After reading the book, we drew our own jigarees. 
I think the Little Einsteins for 2014 are gong to be WONDERFUL learners!