Friday, 30 November 2012

More iPad Learning

Hannah wrote about the Christmas Fair she is going to at her friend's school. She was hoping to see Santa, and perhaps get a present - as you can see from her illustration below:

Amber-Rose, Hannah and Poppy have worked all by themselves to write and count and create! Fantastic learning, all of you!

Monday, 26 November 2012

Learning on the i-Pads

Today Jada and Max had fun with the Magnetic ABC app on the i-pads during Discovery Time. These photos show Jada's counting poster and Max's writing. Jada is very good at making sets to match a number. Max can hear the first sounds in all his names. He also experimented with ellipses (...) because he said there was "more to come".  Fantastic learning, Max and Jada!

Jada Writes at Home

Jada did some writing at home - she wrote some words from some junk mail at her house. 
Can you read some of the words?
Jada, well done - you are carrying on your learning all day long!

Elly Asks About Reading Rocks!

 Elly asked us who else has taken the "Reading Rocks" bag home. Here are some photos from the reading log. Ella read "Hairy McLeary" and thought her dog was as big as "Hercules Morse, big as a horse".
 Madras read "Wacky Wednesday" and dressed up all wacky, with big ears and an upside down hat!
 Jada loved ALL the books! "The Wheels on the Bus" was her favourite, though!
Hannah read all the books and played the matching game.
We have all had a turn taking the bag home. Tomorrow we will add another post showing some of  the pictures we have drawn in the reading log.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Tui and Amber-Rose "Carry On Their Learning"

Today Carolyn found something wonderful. She took photos and we talked about "carrying on our learning". This morning we used the fast word "come" in Word Power. We wrote it many times in different ways. Just before lunch we had 20 minutes of choosing time. Tui and Amber-Rose carried on their learning! No-one said they had to - they just chose to keep on practicing! What wonderful independent work! You can carry on your learning anywhere, anytime. Maybe this weekend? E-mail Carolyn a photo and she will put it on the blog!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Reading in the Library

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 We had a lovely time in the library this afternoon. Look how much we are enjoying books! What a great way to start school...and we were so good at sharing the beanbags and sharing our books, too.
Great work, Little Einsteins!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Hannah Photographs Discovery Time

Hannah wanted to photograph her block tower during Discovery Time today. So we decided she should take photographs of everyone busy at their different activities.
Which photo is your favourite, Hannah?
We think everyone looks like they are thinking hard and having fun!
The Little Einsteins also worked together well to pack everything away at the end of Discovery time, too.

Hannah Photographs Discovery Time on PhotoPeach

Joe's Number Poster

Joe made this amazing counting poster on the i-pad during Discovery Time today. He did it all by himself! We made posters like this in our Maths group the other day and Joe has carried that learning on, independently. Well done, Joe - you are good at counting!