Friday, 5 September 2014

Challenging Ourselves on the Playground

Thursday is playground day at fitness time. It is good to be there all by ourselves - it's very busy at brunch and lunchtime. We have to do six different activities each time we are there and Carolyn says one of the things we do has to challenge us just a little bit! That means we might feel a little bit scared but we try to go a tiny bit higher or further. Carolyn comes to stand nearby if we are feeling like it would be good to have some help nearby - just in case.

We all know to talk quietly to people when we are encouraging them. 

We also know to always walk up to each other from in front, so somebody who is concentrating hard can see us coming and not get a fright when we speak to them.

 Ella did this for the first time last week - THIS week she was over the wall before Carolyn had a chance to take the photo - she had to do it twice!!
 Wow, Tahlia - you are STRONG! Tahlia is like a monkey on the playground!
 STANDING UP on the wobbly bridge - a new achievement for Alec! Last week he scooted onto the bridge sitting down; this week he walked on! Great Job, Alec!
 Harry - you are like Spiderman! Your head and feet are as high as each other!
 In the photo you can't see how Connor is swinging his body to make the flying fox move along the rail - fantastic, Connor!
 Reagan was showing some great climbing skills here: hand - foot - hand - foot...great work, Reagan.
Felix was an excellent climber, too!


  1. Hi Felix
    Great to see what you are doing at school even though I'm working far away in Brunei. Looks like you are climbing up the side of a pirate ship! Grandad

  2. Hello, Felix's Grandad - it is lovely to have you comment on our blog from all the way over in Brunei. Thank you for that. We looked on a map today to see where you are.