Monday, 12 December 2011

Our Movie is Finished

Well, after a lot of work, our movie is all done! We went to JumpStart on Friday and showed our movie to the four-year-olds who will be coming to Russell Street School when they turn five. We felt really proud.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More BFG Writing

We are still enjoying reading the BFG. 
Here's what we wrote about today.
We are listening for sounds in our words 
and adding a second idea to our writing.
Today we talked about the way "g" sounds like "j" sometimes.
It's also a bit of a guess when we hear a "c" or "k" because they sound the same. Carolyn helps out and we don't mind if we guessed wrong!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Discovery Time

Discovery Time on PhotoPeach
Today we had Discovery Time. Carolyn took photos of us while she was outside. This is what we were doing:

The Big Friendly Giant

We are reading a CHAPTER book! 
It is called "The BFG' by Roald Dahl.
While Carolyn is reading, we make movies in our head and use our IMAGINATIONS to think about what everything looks like. Carolyn is AMAZED at how well our "movie cameras" are working.
Each day, at the end of the chapter, we wonder what will happen next. Today during writing time we wrote together on the big screen. Look how many sounds we heard!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Face Time

Today we drew a face and now 
Carolyn has put our drawings away. 
We are all wondering when we will 
get to see them again...
After we drew the face we looked closely at this face.
We spotted:
Teeth - and felt our teeth with our fingers
Gums - the pink skin that holds our teeth in
Eyelashes - we tickled our fingers with them
Eyelids - we "put the lids on" our eyes just like a peanut butter jar
Eyebrows - we frowned really hard and tried to see our own eyebrows
Lips - we made fish lips and wobbled our lips with a finger which made a wobbly sound
Eyes - we looked at a friend's eyes and told them what colour their eyes were
Cheeks - we puffed them up and played drums on them! That was a funny sound. We all laughed!

What will we do next in our learning about faces?

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dear Board of Trustees....

Dear Board of Trustees.

We are the little Einsteins. We are the newest kids at school. Carolyn is our teacher.
We have been learning to:    point at every word
                                             hear sounds when we are writing
                                             we are trying to do a detailed picture

We made a movie at the playground and the garden and the sickbay and the bike cage and the library and the office and the toilets.
We are making the movie for all the kids to show them how we are learning how to do stuff.
We need to show it to the kids who are new so they know where to go.
The big boys and us make the movie on the camera then Carolyn shows it to us on the “big scream”.
We are going to show the movie to the kids in Jump Start.

In Maths we are learning to count backwards from 20.
We have been counting what is before and after.
We have been counting lollies in jars.

We have been learning to write our names in our purple books and writing 1-2-3-4-5
Today we noticed we did our names much better today than on Monday.
We put the little letters up by the dots and the tall letters by the top lines.

We have been painting elephants and we painted the sky and we are painting the bushes for the elephant next week.
We are learning not to go over the lines.

Sometimes we have holidays called weekends because we work very hard at school and we need a rest!
We put our bags on our bag hooks.
We put our brainfood, bookbags, drink bottles and lunch boxes away.
If we call out too much our name goes on the board :( 
We put our shoes by the wall with the toes by the wall and our socks go inside.
At choosing time you can choose play-dough or Mobilo or cars or drawing or KidPix or games or puzzles or books.

This is us before our assembly.

We are awesome!
From The Little Einsteins

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Our Jump Start Movies

We have been making movies to show the Jump Start kids. 
We worked with Carolyn first, doing lots of thinking about the places in our school. 
We walked  around the school and took photos of all the places we could see. 
Then we made a list of five facts about each place. 
Next, our buddies from Room 9 took us and our five facts and helped us film our movie ideas. 
Carolyn is now learning to upload videos to our blog, so watch this space, more movies will be added!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More Painting

We had an elephant in our Big Book last week and decided to paint one. Look how hard we are concentrating. Here's what we want to tell you about our painting: 
Issraa - we were painting elephants
Toby - I was very good at it
Marion - we mixed white and black to make grey
Patrick - I did some of mine a bit silly - like the ears
Jayde - they are up on the clothesline so our mums and dads can see them and so they can dry
Jack - I was cool at it - my best bit was the long nose!

Painting Elephants on PhotoPeach

Bubble Writing

Today Carolyn gave us all a little bottle of bubble mixture and we had lots of fun blowing bubbles in our classroom! Our writing about bubbles was wonderful, so we thought we would share it with you.

In writing we are learning to:
Draw a detailed picture
Match our picture to our story
Make "magic writing" or letters across the page from left to right
Hear first sounds in the words we want to write
Write some "fast words"

As you can see, we are doing a  wonderful job...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Word Power Wednesday

Every Wednesday we choose one of our "fast words" to practice. Today it was "look". Our slide-show shows how hard we were working and how proud we were of our efforts.

Here is what some of the Little Einsteins said about our learning:
Jayde - I wrote with "look" with the rainbow pens
Toby - I did "look" on KidPix
Jack - I liked doing "look" on the computers
Patrick - I am very proud of my chalk "look"
Issraa - I liked doing it on the whiteboard
Sophie - I liked doing "look" with playdough
Billy - I liked doing "look" on the computer
Zoey - I liked doing "look" on the whiteboards, too

Look - It's Word Power Wednesday! on PhotoPeach

Monday, 31 October 2011

Counting Backwards From 20

Toby, Angus and Patrick have been learning to count backwards from 20. They are practicing counting backwards in lots of different ways. Today, they made these looooooong strips that count backwards. Great work, all three of you. You are great thinkers.

Practicing for Assembly

Jack says that this is when the boys were practicing their haka. Their arms are all spread out because they had to make room for the haka. In the next picture we are in the grandstand. Jayde says it was LOUD there. Our hands are in the air because we are doing a Mexican wave. Carolyn says we have been very brave joining in with the big kids and doing a noisy haka and lots of other great learning!
We hope you come to our assembly on Friday!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Our Trip to the Regent

All of the Russell Street School kids did a production last term. We had only just started school so we weren't in it! So we went to visit when the school had a practice day at the Regent Theatre. We had a good look around and we even went backstage and ONTO the stage! We sang "I'm a Little Teapot". Everyone clapped and asked us to sing again.

Our Mission to the Regent on PhotoPeach

Painting What We See

Painting What We See on PhotoPeach

Monday, 26 September 2011

Two More New Students

Welcome to our class, Marion and Patrick! You are wonderful learners and we are really enjoying having you with us every day.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Counting to 10 and Writing Numbers

We Are Learning To (WALT): Count and write numbers to 10.  Look at the concentration on our faces! We are all thinking REALLY hard and doing our best. Everybody wrote wrote some numbers and correctly counted how many people were riding  in the hot air balloons. Wonderful learning, everybody!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Welcome to our next new students!

It's great to welcome Angus, Jayde, Sophie and Zoey to the Little Einsteins! They started yesterday and they are all wonderful learners. Angus liked running around. Jayde liked playing with Zoey and Sophie. Sophie liked playing in the playground. Zoey liked playing with the Maths teddies. Welcome to Russell Street School, all of you!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We Are Open!

Meet Jack - our very first student in the Little Einsteins. Welcome to Russell Street School, Jack. Jack is really good at counting to ten and reading numbers. Jack says he liked playing on the playground today and learning to use KidPix in our classroom.