Thursday, 20 November 2014

Writing on the iPads

Today a group of writers took the ipads to the library with Rachel and did their writing on the magnetic ABC app. Their writing shows that they are listening carefully for sounds and remembering that a full stop goes at the end of a sentence. Great learning everyone - and another group will have a go on Monday!
 "I played with my planes. 
It was red."
 "A bird came in my window. 
It laid a spotty egg on my head."
Reagan - I will ask you to read your story tomorrow - I want to get it right!
Later: Thanks for your comment below, Reagan. Here is what you say your story says:
Mine says "a cat eating meat. She is Elise." Reagan
"I imagine a cow bashed in through my fence."

Connor Reads (He made this all by himself!)

Click here to hear Connor read. Connor did this all by himself. We think it is great that you made it all over again when you realized the sound had not worked. That is showing great resilience!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Monday, 17 November 2014

Reading With Our Big Buddies

Watching buddy reading is one of my favourite things to do here at school!
Look at these pictures and you will understand why!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Leila reading to practise....

Leila is going to be a wonderful reader because she practises every day after brunch. She points carefully and uses the pictures for clues! Great reading, Leila.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Harry Reads...

What an expressive voice you are using, Harry!
Was that Reagan there, helping you sometimes?
You have made a great movie of your reading.

Siena Reads...

Today, Siena made this video with Harry and Mitchell. We all hope to make a reading movie this week. Today it was Siena's turn. Great reading, Siena. You are remembering to look out for extra endings on the fast words you know.

Athletics is CANCELLED

Wednesday November 12
We will have a fun day at school - it is Wacky Wednesday after all!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Assembly: We were AWESOME!

Well done to all of you! Assembly was wonderful - Elly, Judie and Carolyn were so proud of you as learners. You shared your learning with confidence and pride. We could all see how valuable it is to spend time together as buddies.

Silent Reading After Lunch

Look at this! We all come in after lunch, grab a book and "read". For some of us, it means finding words we know in amongst the words in the story. For most us, it is enjoying the clues in the pictures and imagining what the story might be about. Today we were so quiet (eventually!) that we blogged this photo to celebrate!

Ella and Felix Reading for Assembly

 Great reading, Ella. You read in such a loud clear voice and your 
Mum and Dad were smiling so much, watching your movie in assembly!
 I think they were very proud of you.
 What great expression, Felix. You made it sound like the whole family REALLY wanted Dad to wake up! YOUR Mum and Dad were very proud, too.

Millie and Leila Reading

Millie and Leila spent their reading time learning how to share their reading with you.
Today they made this movie of "Dressing Up". 
Great reading, Leila and Millie - we are proud of you!

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

We are Fire Wise!

Firewise has started. For the next two weeks we are working through the Firewise material provided by the New Zealand Fire Service. Today, we looked at these photos and talked about safe and unsafe fire (and heat) and how to behave safely around fire. Ask your child to talk you through what they remember. They had some lively discussion today in our classroom.

 The Little Einsteins have brought home a book to work through with you as a family. It's a great resource for helping prepare your family for a fire emergency - though of course we all hope to avoid one! There is a DVD in it, too. Parents, I recommend watching by yourself so you are familiar with the content before watching it as a family.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Mr McGee and the Biting Flea

 We helped the actors by making a LOUD roar!
 The king was greedy and he got sick.

 The cow kicked the bucket away. The man dressed up in his "mum's" dress and then the cow let him milk her. We all thought that was FUNNY!
That man is holding a flea in the little case. It had a blinking light when it talked to him.
What a wonderful show!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hello from Tahlia!

A message from Tahlia to you and the Little Einsteins:  
" I miss you and I hope you have fun.  
Mummy will send you the photos of one of me wearing
 my witch hat on the trampoline."
Her mum said "Big hello to the Little Einsteins from us.  
We had a look at your blog and it sure looks like you
 are learning lots and having fun.  Keep up the great work!"
 Look at Tahlia's new school, Kakaramea School. 
It is out in the country. Isn't it a pretty looking place?