Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Making Maths Posters

Millie, Siena and Leila created these counting posters on Magnetic ABC today. They were practicing getting sets to 10. Did they count correctly? I think they did!

Jackson's GREAT writing!

Jackson can be really proud of himself after all his hard work today. We all wanted to make a blog post about his writing because he is very new at school and today he really tried hard! His good listening and looking helped him to do some great work. Kapai, Jackson!

Cloud Art: 2014

We have enjoyed this book by Eric Carle:
 In the book, a little cloud changes into all kinds of shapes - 
things he has seen from his spot up in the sky:

Today, we started our cloud art project. We painted some blue paper and some white-ish paper. It is drying and soon we will get together with our big buddies and make some cloud shapes to stick to our blue skies. Here we are hard at work getting our blue paper ready:

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wednesday Movie Writing - What ARE they saying?

What are these two babies talking about?
We used our imaginations and wrote about our ideas:

This is the twins. they are looking for the sock. Millie
The baby was trying to get his sock under the fridge. Leila
The baby said "I want to climb on this thing." Siena
The babies were funny and they were naughty.  Harry
I think the babies were fighting. Connor
I thought they were fighting. One did not want to climb. Reagan
I think the baby with one sock is under the bench. Ella
The baby said "I am calling for my dad." Felix

Monday, 27 October 2014

Sally and the Daisy

One of the reading groups will need these videos this week! Will it be you?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Connor - your lunchbox came back :)

It has come home with me for a wash!

Thursday, 23 October 2014

"What are matches?"

Today, Harry, Ella and Alec read "Sausages". In the story, Tom brings Dad the matches. Before we read the story, Carolyn asked us if we knew what matches were. To begin with, we were not very sure at all so we had quite a conversation about matches! We talked about what they did and what they looked like. We all have gas BBQs with buttons to turn them on - we don't use matches.
So we googled to find pictures of matches. Here they are. They are not the same as candles, but Alec did think he had seen someone lighting candles WITH matches! Matches are for adults to use because they are fire and we need to be very careful.
"Matches" has chunks in it - parts of words we know; "at" is in there, and "ch". 
We used those clues to help us read the word.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Kangaroos - Wednesday Movie Writing

Counting Practice!

Connor and Reagan are learning to say how many tens are in a number. 
They made this pic-collage.
 Siena with her bean counting.
 Ella is now counting with 5+. She counts to five in one colour then counts the rest of the set in another colour. She is learning her 5+ facts to 10. Great counting, Ella.
 Wow! Look what Millie did on her FIRST day of school. What a fabulous learner you are!
 Siena really likes counting beans!
 Jackson matched all these teddies with the correct number - what great counting!
 Connor and Felix worked together to count caterpillar legs for fun!
Everybody used the "show-me" video to practise writing their numbers.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Keeping Ourselves Safe - with Constable Helen

Today we met Constable Helen. We talked with her about how we own our own bodies. We talked about what different parts of our bodies are called. We talked about who can touch us. Constable Helen read us a story. We are looking forward to seeing her again.

Powhiri - Now we are Tangata Whenua

 Today, Millie, Felix, Jackson and Siena were officially welcomed to our school community with a powhiri. Here we are lining up! (The rest of the Little Einsteins went to sit with Nicole's class as they have already had their powhiri.)
 The girls from the kapa haka group called us in to the hall and we sat down on our side of the hall, as visitors. The boys were in the front and the girls sat behind them. David spoke and welcomed us to Russell Street School. Next, the whole school sang for us. It sounded beautiful! Then Rachel, Millie's mum, spoke on behalf our visitors. (Photo of that being added soon...) What lovely words you spoke, Rachel! Thank you. We sang a song, too.
 The boys did a SPECTACULAR haka!
Finally, we shook hands with all the staff. Some of us did a hongi, too.
We all went to the staff room and had some YUMMY kai!
Welcome to our school community, all of you!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Coming up NEXT Friday...

Getting really dressed up for work will be fun. Parents, whatever your child wears - please remember  mess happens in totally unpredictable ways  - so have fun dressing formal in nothing too precious! Normal school clothes are totally fine, too, of course!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Writing Numbers 1-9

This video is also on our 1-2-3 page but I have put it here, too, for now so you can find it quickly and show Mum and Dad how we talk when we write our numbers.

Lizard Loses His Tail

Connor and Reagan read a book today about Lizard losing his tail. He was scared because the kingfisher was trying to catch him and eat him. He was so scared his tail fell off. It's hard to believe a little bird can eat something so BIG. We found a You-Tube video that shows a king fisher eating a lizard. That kingfisher must have a very stretchy tummy!

Monday, 13 October 2014

It's time for sunhats!

Welcome to Term Four. Sunhats are now compulsory for all students when playing outside. You can buy a Russell Street hat just like this one - but in blue. They are available at the office for $10. The hat is yours but stays at school so it is there each day. Over summer you will take it home, give it a wash and bring it back next year. (Sunscreen applied at home in the morning is a good idea, too, as the weather improves.)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

More Tooth Fairy Excitement!

Look what happened to Siena - she lost her first tooth! What an exciting day that was, Siena!! 
Mum said the tooth fairy came to visit, too.  I wonder if the new tooth will be nice and big by the end of the holidays? Maybe you won't even have a gap there anymore...Thanks for sharing your exciting news!