School Visits

We recommend two visits to school before your child starts. Usually these take place in the morning, as it is good for your child to experience the morning routines.

In 2015, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are the BEST days for seeing a normal classroom routine.

Visit One:

A morning visit from 8:45-10:00am.
Your child will take part in the classroom programme. This includes the morning welcome and settling-in routines and the transition to our first teaching session of the day.
Bring a healthy snack so that your child can take part in our brain-food break.
You are welcome to remain in the room for this session, or, if your child is very confident, you may like to go to the staffroom and have a cuppa!
It is a legal requirement that parents of children under five remain on site.

Visit Two:

A morning visit from 8:45-11:25am.
This visit lasts the entire morning teaching session.
Your child will eat brunch and go to the playground with other children in the class.
This is a great time to try and leave your child to be in the class independently.
(Some parents use this time to complete final enrolment forms and purchase their child's stationery pack from the school office.)
Bring a healthy snack and a mini lunch so that your child can take part in our brain-food break and brunch.

You may like to schedule your visits so that you attend one each week on the same day for two weeks before your child starts, or you may like to visit two days in a row the week prior to starting.

Sometimes children may need more than two visits; sometimes due to family schedules, only one visit is possible. Occasionally, mornings are impossible! We are more than happy to work with you to find a time that works best.

Finally - it is definitely easier and less distracting for you and your child to visit without other preschoolers. Once again, sometimes this cannot be avoided and parents usually know when it's time to go and visit the playground.  :)

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