Friday, 20 November 2015

"Filling Buckets"

We read this book on Thursday:
It's all about how we can take good care of each other and "fill each others buckets" with kind thoughts and actions. Here are a couple of pages from the book:
We decorated our own buckets, then we wrote lovely, kind words to put in everyone else's buckets. 
As you can see, we were all very happy to have our buckets filled! 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Sally and the Beans

In Emma's story today, Sally grows some beans. Look at this bean plant growing!

What's Inside Pumpkins and Pears?

 Today we looked very carefully at this pear. 
Carolyn wrote down our ideas and our curious questions.
 After we had a look at the pear, we had a look at a pumpkin.
It was green and yellow and had a stalk, too. It was bumpy.
We cut the pumpkin open. It was orange on the inside.
It had seeds in it, too. We wondered how many seeds are in a pumpkin.
There were a lot! We laid them all out on hundred boards so we could keep track of them. 
Our pumpkin had 172 seeds! They were slimy and stringy.
 Nicole's class did a pumpkin, too. 
Their pumpkin has 152 seeds!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Visiting Willard Home

Another of the lovely things about Russell Street School - our ongoing relationship with Willard Home - adjoining our school property. Today it was our turn to visit the residents. We took our poem books and our favourite reader and off we went. The Little Einsteins were just wonderful - they were sweet and polite and entertaining - you would have been very proud of them, Mums and Dads!
  That is a lot of walking frames!
 Ready to share our poems and our favourite reader.
 Waiting for the residents to arrive in the lounge.
We said all our poems and then it was off to meet everyone and read to them.

 We found a cat asleep in the corner - his name is Leo.
And the grandfather clock was HUGE! We are going to go back another day 
at "something o'clock" to hear it bong!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Life Education with Tim and Harold the giraffe...

We had two sessions in the Life Education truck, starring Tim and Harold the giraffe. We went with Nicole's class. Nicole recorded all our learning on this wonderful slide show. Thanks, Nicole!