Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Targets For Our Learning

On Monday, we played Tiddlywinks. Carolyn drew a target on the carpet with chalk and we all tried to flick our counters into the middle to hit the bulls-eye. Here is what we noticed:
It was hard to flick the counters - we had to practise and get better at it.
To start with we were starting from too far away - we all agreed to move our counters to the edge of the target as a starting place. 
It took a few hops to get the counter to the middle sometimes.

In reading and maths today we made targets for our learning. They look like this:
We all have things that we are doing our best to get better at. It might take a few goes to reach our target. Sometimes we might have to make our target a little bit easier to hit. We will have to practise the strategies we are using. We make a mark on the target to show how we are getting on. Today we all worked very hard so that we could move closer to the middle and reach the bulls eye.
Great learning, Little Einsteins!

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