Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Our Cloud Art is FINISHED!

WALT: Use different painting techniques
(Sponge and Brushing)

We read “Little Cloud”
 by Eric Carle.
We used sponge to paint the blue sky.
We used brushes to paint the paper we used to make our cloud shapes.
We chose a shape for our own little cloud and told Carolyn what we wanted our caption to say.
Great work, Little Einsteins!

My cloud is a snail. I saw a snail on the wall at kindy.
When I touched it, it peeked out of the shell and hid the rest of its body.
My cloud is a tree. It grows lots of juicy apples.
My cloud is a love heart.
I love my mummy.
My cloud is a love heart.
I made it because they are in your heart.
When you run your heart gets faster.
My cloud is a mushroom.
I have seen mushrooms on the television show “Jake and the Pirates”.
They hide under them so coconuts don’t go on their heads.
My cloud is a snail.
I like snails because you can touch them on their shells.
My cloud is an elephant.
I can go with my elephant to the zoo.

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  1. Love your cloud pictures! they are very cool!