Thursday, 14 November 2013

Orangutan Day at RSS

Liam loves orangutans and he is very concerned that we humans are making bad choices that are taking away the habitat (living place) of the orangutans in Asia. He has organised a wonderful awareness week at our school. Here is the newspaper article about Liam:
On Thursday, Jamie told us that her mum had seen some orangutans! Her mum emailed us some of the photos - here they are:

"These were taken in Borneo, Sabah (back in 2006).  The baby orangutan photos are of an orphan being cared for at a resort.  The Sepilok photos are an orangutan rehabilitation sanctuary.  As you can see from the pictures the orangutans were being fed and during feeding times naughty pigtail macques turn up and try to steal the orangutans food."
Thanks to Jamie and her family for sharing these with us!

This is the link to Liam's YouTube video. He is hoping to get 1000 views to raise awareness.
Watch the video here.

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