Wednesday, 9 November 2011

More Painting

We had an elephant in our Big Book last week and decided to paint one. Look how hard we are concentrating. Here's what we want to tell you about our painting: 
Issraa - we were painting elephants
Toby - I was very good at it
Marion - we mixed white and black to make grey
Patrick - I did some of mine a bit silly - like the ears
Jayde - they are up on the clothesline so our mums and dads can see them and so they can dry
Jack - I was cool at it - my best bit was the long nose!

Painting Elephants on PhotoPeach

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  1. You had an elephant in your Big Book!! Wow. Do you know how to tell if there has been an elephant inside your fridge? It's easy - there'll be elephant footprints in the butter! Did you draw African elephants or Indian Elephants? Great work kids. Kevin (BoT)