Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Face Time

Today we drew a face and now 
Carolyn has put our drawings away. 
We are all wondering when we will 
get to see them again...
After we drew the face we looked closely at this face.
We spotted:
Teeth - and felt our teeth with our fingers
Gums - the pink skin that holds our teeth in
Eyelashes - we tickled our fingers with them
Eyelids - we "put the lids on" our eyes just like a peanut butter jar
Eyebrows - we frowned really hard and tried to see our own eyebrows
Lips - we made fish lips and wobbled our lips with a finger which made a wobbly sound
Eyes - we looked at a friend's eyes and told them what colour their eyes were
Cheeks - we puffed them up and played drums on them! That was a funny sound. We all laughed!

What will we do next in our learning about faces?

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