Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dear Board of Trustees....

Dear Board of Trustees.

We are the little Einsteins. We are the newest kids at school. Carolyn is our teacher.
We have been learning to:    point at every word
                                             hear sounds when we are writing
                                             we are trying to do a detailed picture

We made a movie at the playground and the garden and the sickbay and the bike cage and the library and the office and the toilets.
We are making the movie for all the kids to show them how we are learning how to do stuff.
We need to show it to the kids who are new so they know where to go.
The big boys and us make the movie on the camera then Carolyn shows it to us on the “big scream”.
We are going to show the movie to the kids in Jump Start.

In Maths we are learning to count backwards from 20.
We have been counting what is before and after.
We have been counting lollies in jars.

We have been learning to write our names in our purple books and writing 1-2-3-4-5
Today we noticed we did our names much better today than on Monday.
We put the little letters up by the dots and the tall letters by the top lines.

We have been painting elephants and we painted the sky and we are painting the bushes for the elephant next week.
We are learning not to go over the lines.

Sometimes we have holidays called weekends because we work very hard at school and we need a rest!
We put our bags on our bag hooks.
We put our brainfood, bookbags, drink bottles and lunch boxes away.
If we call out too much our name goes on the board :( 
We put our shoes by the wall with the toes by the wall and our socks go inside.
At choosing time you can choose play-dough or Mobilo or cars or drawing or KidPix or games or puzzles or books.

This is us before our assembly.

We are awesome!
From The Little Einsteins

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  1. Wow, what a lot of learning you have been doing. No wonder you are so tired after school!