Sunday, 1 November 2015

What's Inside a TOASTER?

Here is an old toaster. 
This is what we talked about:
It is broken. 
It is not at a house.
 There are adults to help us. 
So it is safe for us to pull it apart. 
We DO NOT do this at our houses - it is a special school science investigation.
Stephen's dad, Clint helped us take the toaster apart and we had a look at it.
 The springs help stop our toast flying into the air when it pops up.
 This is the dial that we turn to make our toast darker or lighter...
 ...and this is the circuit board it is connected to. (Is that right, Clint?!)
 Lyric and Sophie checking out the case.
 These are the little trays that catch the crumbs.
 This is where you put the bread to toast it.
 Those bits poking out are where the plastic handles slide on.
It's amazing what's going on underneath our shiny toasters!

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