Sunday, 1 November 2015

What's Inside a KETTLE?

 This is a broken kettle.
This is what we talked about:
It is broken. 
It is not at a house.
 There are adults to help us. 
So it is safe for us to pull it apart. 
We DO NOT do this at our houses - it is a special school science investigation.
 This is the button you push to make the lid pop up. (It's broken.)
These are the marks that tell you how much water you have in there.
Look what you see when you take the bottom off!
The round ridge is the element or coil that heats the water.
The circle in the middle is where it stands on the piece that the plug is on. 
The plastic arms are connected to the switch on the outside. 
 They are what turn the electricity on to heat the water.
The shiny round disc by the switch gets hot as well and when it gets too hot, 
it sends a message to the switch to turn off 
and that's what stops the jug from boiling non-stop!
 We all had a turn with the switch.

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