Thursday, 20 November 2014

Writing on the iPads

Today a group of writers took the ipads to the library with Rachel and did their writing on the magnetic ABC app. Their writing shows that they are listening carefully for sounds and remembering that a full stop goes at the end of a sentence. Great learning everyone - and another group will have a go on Monday!
 "I played with my planes. 
It was red."
 "A bird came in my window. 
It laid a spotty egg on my head."
Reagan - I will ask you to read your story tomorrow - I want to get it right!
Later: Thanks for your comment below, Reagan. Here is what you say your story says:
Mine says "a cat eating meat. She is Elise." Reagan
"I imagine a cow bashed in through my fence."


  1. Mine says a cat eating meat. She is Elise. Reagan

  2. Thanks, Reagan! I will retype the caption under your writing!