Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hello from Tahlia!

A message from Tahlia to you and the Little Einsteins:  
" I miss you and I hope you have fun.  
Mummy will send you the photos of one of me wearing
 my witch hat on the trampoline."
Her mum said "Big hello to the Little Einsteins from us.  
We had a look at your blog and it sure looks like you
 are learning lots and having fun.  Keep up the great work!"
 Look at Tahlia's new school, Kakaramea School. 
It is out in the country. Isn't it a pretty looking place?


  1. Hi Tahlia! Cool hat ! I dressed up for Halloween too as a skeleton. I like the blue sky and cool tree background at your new school. All the Little Einsteins miss you. From Reagan

  2. Tahlia says: "I hope you are having fun at your school. I miss you and I was not ready to go to the disco." (In the photo, as I still hadnt put on my costume and face paint)