Thursday, 21 August 2014

Teddy Bear Art

We have been reading a big book called "The Bears' Picnic" written by Joy Cowley.
Today we drew teddy bears and alligators.
Harry: I did drawing and I was bored and I was so tired because I  had to work sooooo hard to cover up the white. I was good at covering up my green line with a tail - tricky. I made a mistake and I turned it into a tail!
Connor: I took a long time to make my teddy bear.
Alec: I did a REALLY big teddy bear and it took me a long time to make. I really liked the way I made the crocodile and my rock.
Tahlia: My teddy bear was going on a picnic. The first part he was going to the beach then he went to the woods.
Ella: I felt happy when I looked at my teddy bear because my teddy bear was all coloured in - only a few mosquito holes!
Carolyn: The Little Einsteins were so careful today! I modelled how to draw a teddy and an alligator and they watched carefully, coloured carefully and persevered until their white spaces were all filled in! Wonderful work, Little Einsteins!


  1. I really like your teddy bears and alligators! They look SO realistic! And what careful colouring! You need to show these to your big buddies! They would love them!

  2. Your alligators and teddy bears look great Little Einsteins.

  3. I love your art Little Einsteins. You are concentrating really hard and your results are GREAT. Well done!

  4. that is cool art Little Einsteins. the are coooooooooooooooooooooooool