Thursday, 28 August 2014

Book Character Dress-Up Day

 This dress-up business is tricky! I wanted to dress up as a book we had all read. Suddenly I remembered "The skier" - and I had some ski gear!
 Harry HAD to be Harry and his Bucket of Dinosaurs; Connor was a cool tiger!
 Ella dressed up as the witch from "Room on the Broom" and Tahlia was a princess like the one on the book she bought at the book fair!
 Reagan was a ninja turtle. Were you Donatello, Reagan? Google tells me he wears the purple mask! Alec used my Lightning McQueen shopping bag as a prop in the parade.
The teachers all dressed up, too. Here is Carolyn with Julie (Mrs Wishy Washy) and Robin and Sandi (B1 and B2). It was a super fun day!


  1. Those costumes look like they took AGES to be prepared! The costumes look Awesome! Well done Little Einsteins!
    Tane & Toby :-)

  2. Wow little Einsteins you came up with cool costumes. They were very creative and cute. Some costumes had heaps and heaps of detail. Great job

  3. Good job Little Einsteins with your costumes. I think that your class are a good dress up class I think your class was the best. You are awesome.

  4. WOW!!! What a great day that was. I like the way that I know what each one of you are. Where did you get all your cool coustumes from? You are great at learning.

  5. That is right it was a fun and I was a black cat and azahra was baby mouse I really I joyed the parade. And I liked b1 and b2

  6. I LOVE your blog Little Einsteins, it is great!! What fabulous learning you are doing :)