Monday, 26 October 2015

What's Inside?

TODD MCLELLAN is a photographer who takes photos of things that he has pulled apart. Today  we looked at some photos in a calendar Carolyn has. Can you figure out what these things are?

We are going to make some photos based on Todd McLellen's work.
We made Duplo creations and took photos of them. Tomorrow we will take a photo of all the bits arranged in an interesting way AND a photo of the bits all laid out in orderly way. Carolyn made one to show us, using a car Stephen made today:


  1. What a fantastic study LIttle Einsteins! I wonder how many 'things' that you pull apart you can put back together again easily! Keep up the top inquiry learning!

    1. Hi Room 5! Thanks for stopping by! Next week WE are going to pull apart a real toaster and a real kettle and maybe an office chair - you should check out our blog post when we are done with that - it's going to be awesome!