Thursday, 10 September 2015

An update on our hats...

Today, Vann, Emma and Sophie had a turn in the workroom working on their hats. Don't they look amazing? We all had a photo together to show you what they look like.


  1. Hi Little Einsteins - We think your hats look amazing! We are also a New Entrant class in New Plymouth - thanks for sharing your creations! Did you choose your own characters?

    1. Wow! Hi Room 5 - it was awesome to hear from another class of five-year-olds. We all chose what our hats were going to be - we drew a plan and the adults have been helping us by being our "cutting hands" and our assistants. We have to decide what they do, though, and direct them! Our production is Monday September 21 and we are all very excited. Please do drop by again - maybe we can share our learning or skype or something?