Monday, 26 November 2012

Elly Asks About Reading Rocks!

 Elly asked us who else has taken the "Reading Rocks" bag home. Here are some photos from the reading log. Ella read "Hairy McLeary" and thought her dog was as big as "Hercules Morse, big as a horse".
 Madras read "Wacky Wednesday" and dressed up all wacky, with big ears and an upside down hat!
 Jada loved ALL the books! "The Wheels on the Bus" was her favourite, though!
Hannah read all the books and played the matching game.
We have all had a turn taking the bag home. Tomorrow we will add another post showing some of  the pictures we have drawn in the reading log.

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  1. Wow Little Einsteins! It looks like you all LOVE the 'Reading Rocks' bag! It is so cool how it makes you think about things at your house (Ella - your dog!), and want to do things (like dressing up Madras!) It will be great to see some of the pictures you have drawn tomorrow. I am DEFINITELY going to do this with my class next year. Thank you for sharing.