Monday, 10 September 2012

Meeting Our Big Buddies

At Russell Street School, we work closely with an older class. It's one of the BEST things about our school! Today Saffron, Bree, Helen, Jack and Olly came to meet us. They will be in our room after brunch several times a week to listen to us read. They will also read to us! Today they were such great cheerleaders, encouraging us and gently correcting us when we needed it! Thanks, buddies!


  1. It's great to hesr you like to read to your buddies, Little Einsteins. I bet they like listening to your reading. Have fun and enjoy your learning in Room 1.

  2. Hi little buddies, we feel very privileged to be your big buddies and the monster minds big buddies. Thank you for sharing your learning with us. From Xfactor5