Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Getting Ready For Assembly

Here we are in the hall before lunch today, getting ready for assembly.
We are hosting assembly tomorrow with  the Wise Owls, the Bright Bugs and E-9. Stanley from the Wise Owls will be reading some of his writing. He is practicing using the microphone. We are listening very carefully. We will also be showing our art - Frogs in Togs!
AND we will receive our welcome certificates! We hope you can make it, tomorrow at 2:15. (Come early to get a seat!)

Friday, 18 October 2013

Our RSS Powhiri

Here we are after the Russell Street School powhiri, held in the hall to welcome the new students.
We are with some of the big kids from the kapa haka group. The powhiri was a very special thing to be a part of. Now that we have been welcomed to Russell Street School, we can sit with the whole school and help to welcome visitors to our school at the next powhiri.
After the powhiri we went to the staff room and had some yummy morning tea!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

We Are Learning To Write

We are learning to write. This week we have been writing some of the "stick" letters - f/i/l/j/t on the whiteboards. Here we are with today's handwriting.
 The Little Einsteins have a "Writers Notebook". It has all kinds of pictures glued into it. We can have a look through it if we are not sure what we want to write about. Today, Lizzy and Arihia looked together. Once they had an idea they went and started their stories.

Each day we talk about what good writers do. This is the collection of visual prompts we use:

On Monday we looked at our stories and asked ourselves if we were learning to be good writers. We all had at least four "Good Writer" cards beside our stories!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Positive Relationships - Whakawhanaungatanga

 Our value for this term is Positive Relationships - Whakawhanaungatanga.
Look at how well the Little Einsteins are working together. The especially neat thing about this learning is that Arihia, Jacob and Lizzie were doing this puzzle while Carolyn and Basil were reading. They were busy sharing and talking and problem solving together.
Earlier, Basil, Lizzy, Jacob and Arihia (along with our visitors Jamie and Awhina) had all worked together to count groups of teddies to match the numbers on the mat. They were sharing, noticing how they could help each other, checking each others counting and generally showing that they were wonderful Russell Street Learners.

Painting Our Ugly Bookcase!

We did painting this afternoon. The back of our bookcase was very ugly and boring so we were allowed to paint it. We  each had our own part of the bookcase to paint. Arihia painted butterflies. Jacob painted colours that his family liked. Lizzy painted flowers and colours. Basil painted Lego and dinosaurs and lions. Tomorrow we are going to finish it!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

We Are Learning To Write 1-10

We Are Learning To (WALT) Write 1-10
Today we wrote numbers on the whiteboards with Carolyn.
Later, we drew a circle around the number we want to get better at. We all knew straight away which number was our best, too! Wonderful learning, Little Einsteins. Keep an eye on our blog; we will do another number-writing post soon, to show you all how much we have improved!

The Little Einsteins are AWESOME

The Little Einsteins have moved into their own room, Room One. Here we are after Calendar Maths. Awhina came for a visit and Arihia, Jacob, Basil and Lizzy made her feel very happy to be there.
Jacob likes the "Days of the Week", and so does Arihia. Basil likes the counting pictures on the wall.
Lizzy likes the "Days of the Week", too. It's fun settling into our new classroom.